Company history


In July 2010, brothers Michael and Stephan Würtemberger founded WM aquatec GbR, with just 9m² of space at their home apartment. Everything had begun when the younger brother, Stephan, spend 9 months in Australia. After studying Supply and Environmental Engineering, Michael Würtemberger gained experience in building prototype water treatment plants. As well as his main employment as a development engineer, he developed a micro-system that was operated with compressed air to treat surface water. This was trialled down under and provided the brothers with fresh drinking water in the outback. After returning from Australia, WM aquatec GbR was born. To dedicate themselves to creating further projects, the Würtemberger brothers rented a “Think Tank” of 150m² in Schönaich (Böblingen).


First Series Product
With the Silvernet as their first series product, WM aquatec became the pioneer in the field of automated water preservation in 2011. The product was presented to the public for the first time at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, the leading trade fair for camping and caravanning in the world. The recipe for success of the simple and reliable operation of the Silbernetz proved itself. Countless motor home owners, yacht owners and bus companies came to rely on the simple and reliable product. Part of the recipe for success was the extensive and well-organised distribution channel, which was set up through German camping wholesalers and began in January 2012.


Relocation & Change of Name
Increasing demand for space meant the company relocated to Filderstadt-Sielmingen in January 2013. By doubling the company premises to 300m², it was now possible to create a larger warehouse inventory and increase production capacities. At this point, the GbR was also renamed WM aquatec GmbH & Co.KG. With his experience as a production manager at an automotive supplier, Stephan Würtemberger took over the management of the 7 employees at the company at that time.


Expansion & Future Investment
In March 2017, the corporate headquarters were moved to Erkenbrechtsweiler to satisfy the growing need for space. A separate company building with approx. 1500m² of office, production and warehouse space offers 12 employees an outstanding base for developing, producing and distributing new and innovative products. The product range has since grown and was expanded from preserving agents and disinfectants for water-bearing systems to fully-automated water treatment plants for houseboats. WM aquatec products are now available from over 350 specialist retailers in the camping, yachting and outdoor sector in Germany. In addition, the products are distributed to Switzerland, within Europe and even overseas. WM aquatec is also sure to continue impressing with its innovative products and is looking forward to exciting projects and challenges in the future.