DEXDA Plus Sortiment


The disinfectant concentrate DEXDA® Plus for (drinking) water contains the proven active ingredient sodium hypochlorite and combats microorganisms/pathogens such as viruses, germs, fungi, bacteria and algae and disinfects the (drinking) water within a few minutes. DEXDA® Plus can be used in almost all areas of water treatment. It is a highly effective and broad-spectrum disinfectant that has a bactericidal, virucidal, algicidal and sporicidal effect and, depending on the concentration, breaks down biofilms in the short and long term. The active ingredient sodium hypochlorite is an approved active ingredient according to the current Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV).

Challenge of water hygiene

In Germany, water or drinking water must be provided by the public water works/water suppliers in a quality that prevents damage to human health, in particular from pathogens, through its consumption or use. Nevertheless, under unfavorable conditions in (drinking) water systems, pathogenic microorganisms such as legionella, which can pose a major risk to human health, multiply. A needs-based dosage of disinfectants is therefore advisable.

Depending on the application, fluid (water)-carrying systems must also be cleaned or disinfected at regular intervals , otherwise there will be an increase of microorganisms and the formation of a biofilm. Suitable measures to prevent the formation of biofilms are water conservation or disinfection of the water and regular system cleaning. Because if cleaning processes (mechanical/chemical) cannot produce a microbiological quality that meets the requirements, a suitable disinfection measure will promise success. As an example, reference is made to the DVGW worksheet W 291 “Cleaning and disinfection of water distribution systems”, which also provides for the active substance sodium hypochlorite for system disinfection.


The different container sizes result in a wide variety of areas of application and dosing variants for DEXDA® Plus. Depending on the application, the use of dosing pumps/devices is recommended for needs-based dosing.

Dosing examplesDosing quantity per
cubic metre of wate
in the water
Drinking water disinfection100ml1mg/l (Cl2)
Pipe disinfection5 Liter50mg/l (Cl2)

According to §11 of the current Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV), the dosage of the active substance sodium hypochlorite of 1.2 mg per liter is approved for the disinfection of drinking water. After treatment for drinking water purposes, a residual concentration of 0.1 – 0.3 mg per liter should remain in the disinfected water. We recommend chlorine quick tests to monitor the application concentration.

Certifications and Standards

  • Active ingredient according to §11 of the current German Drinking Water Ordinance

  • Active substance according to DVGW W 291

  • Active substance according to DIN 2001-2

  • Purity according to DIN EN 901

Areas of application

  • drinking water

  • process water

  • evaporative cooling systems (according to VDI 2047)

  • ventilation technology (according to VDI 6022)

  • animal husbandry

  • apparatus and plant construction

  • food production

  • Dispensing systems/coffee machines

  • mobile gastronomy (e.g. food trucks)

  • Camping, Boat/Yacht

  • Trekking, Outdoor & Emergency Water Supply

Available pack sizes

  • 120ml, 250ml and 5 liters
  • Private label and other container sizes on request


Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Active substance:
Sodium hypochlorite (
< 1%)
BauA reg. No. N-102002
CAS No.: 7681-52-9

Technical data sheet (PDF)