Our philosophy

We at WM aquatec would like to offer you “tailor-made” solutions. By “tailor-made” we mean technical solutions that allow you to get the quality of water you need for your application, on any budget – whether it’s the avid camper, outdoor enthusiast, proud boat owner or successful entrepreneur. In order to be able to guarantee this, we keep our eyes and ears open – at trade fairs, when talking to customers on the phone or when visiting you on site. We are always grateful and open to your suggestions and constructive criticism in order to continuously improve not only our products, but also Us. According to your needs, the demand on the market or our feeling for innovative and practical products, we will then act and present our solutions to you.

Quality and sustainability

We are also in active exchange with our suppliers in order to be able to offer you the highest level of quality. Furthermore, we understand quality to mean not only the technical or practicable functionality of products, but also the production conditions for all people involved in the production process and the impact on the environment. To be able to guarantee a high standard here, more than 90% of our suppliers are from Germany or from European member states.

Social and collegial

Social responsibility is not only written in capital letters at our company, it is also lived in capital letters. We value and encourage dignified treatment among all employees and a collegial relationship. With joint activities or a fitness room that can be used free of charge, we not only promote social skills and togetherness among salaried employees, but also encourage physical fitness and preventive health care.

Present and future

Last but not least, as a training company we also see it as our responsibility to provide young people with both vocational training and a job in the long term.