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DEXDA® Clean

After activation, the disinfectant concentrate DEXDA® Clean is a 2-component chlorine dioxide solution and contains the active ingredient chlorine dioxide, which is permitted under the current drinking water ordinance. DEXDA® Clean is used to disinfect and remove biofilm from containers, tanks, lines, pipes, etc.

Frequently asked questions

Is it allowed to dispose of the gray water from the waste water tank into the sewage system after disinfection?

Basically, it is of course the case that our environment should/must be protected from chemical substances and these must not be allowed to get into the environment uncontrolled. When using cleaning products for the end consumer, this is not so easy to define and no distinction is made here with commercial users. Strictly speaking, when descaling the coffee machine or kettle, the descaling solution should not get into the sewage system, but must first be neutralized. In reality, however, it is the case that the active substance (here chlorine dioxide) 1. degrades, since it is “neutralized” during the cleaning or disinfection process and 2. these solutions, as soon as they arrive in the receiving water (sewage channel), are diluted so quickly that they can no longer be measured or no environmentally relevant conditions occur.

Can disinfection (DEXDA® Clean) and descaling (KXpress) be carried out at the same time?

Yes, DEXDA® Clean and KXpress can be used at the same time. The necessary steps for simultaneous use are described in the instructions for use of DEXDA® Clean. It should be noted that the maximum exposure time for simultaneous use is only 4 hours instead of 12.

How long does activated DEXDA® Clean last?

Activated DEXDA® Clean bottles must be stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight. It is best to keep the mixed bottle in the refrigerator. If stored correctly, the activated product can be kept for up to 3 months without losing its effectiveness.


Instructions for use 100ml (PDF)

Instructions for use 250ml (PDF)

Instructions for use 1000ml (PDF)

Safety data sheet Component A (PDF)

Safety data sheet Component B (PDF)

Safety data sheet Activated (PDF)

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