Silvertex® is self-dosing and automatically regulates the free silver ion concentration in the water. Once inserted into the tank through the cleaning or inspection opening, the wet-chemical silver-plated threads release self-dosing silver ions into the fresh water – with every new tank filling. The fresh water you fill up with is automatically conserved and kept fresh for up to six months.

Frequently asked questions

Can Silvertex® be used for longer than 1 year?

The use of the Silvernet is basically until the max. preservation service possible, i.e. longer than 1 year. However, we recommend the annual change to guarantee the hygienic safety and the function of the product. Depending on the tanked water quality, lime, for example, can be deposited on the product over time, which impairs the release of the silver ions into the water and limits the function.

How do I store the Silvernet correctly when not in use or, for example, during long periods of standstill in winter?

Silvertex® can simply be removed from the tank when not in use or during winter storage and stored dry in a place protected from light, or stored in a container filled with water (e.g. “Tupper-Box”).

Can there be an overdose of silver ions in my fresh water when using Silvertex®?

No. Silvertex® releases silver ions only until the saturation limit of the water has been reached. For chemical reasons, an overdose is not possible.

Silver in drinking water – is it harmful to health?

First. So far, no scientific study can be reported that has demonstrated a harmful effect on the human organism in the above-mentioned concentrations.

Excerpt from the BfR Federal Institute for Risk Assessment – Opinion No. 024 of 28 Dec. 2009:

“The BfR also took into account an unrealistic worst-case assumption, in which a consumer from the age of one to 70 drinks 2 liters of water daily from small systems, whereby the maximum permissible silver concentration of 0.080 mg/l (80 μg) after treatment has been exhausted . The BfR came to the conclusion that […] there are no health concerns.”

The cities of Atlanta, Denver and New York also have a natural silver content of 200 – 300 μg/l, without any adverse effects on the health of the population affected.


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