Thanks to its design and innovative UV-C LED technology, the UV unit from WM aquatec has an extraordinarily high disinfection performance with a very compact design. Contrary to the previous UV technology, no environmentally hazardous, mercury-containing medium-pressure vapor lamps are used here, but the latest UV-C LED technology, which brings enormous advantages.

Maintenance-free, environmentally friendly and without chemicals

Since LEDs do not have a start or warm-up phase, they are only switched on at the same time as water is drawn off via an external signal (pump or flow sensor (11 … 24 VDC)), which not only results in very low power consumption, but also a long service life of several years, results – and that without changing the lamp. Therefore, our UV units are maintenance-free. Safe operation of the UV unit is ensured by integrated current and function monitoring, temperature monitoring, service life monitoring, monitoring of the external power supply (only if there is a signal from the pump) and signaling (optical and acoustic).

Disinfection performance (reduction of E.Coli)Flow rateRadiation dose
99,999%2,25l/min40mJ/cm² (400J/m²)
99,99%5l/min16mJ/cm² (160J/m²)
99,9%8l/min10mJ/cm² (100J/m²)
Operating and environmental conditions
Ambient temperature storage, transportmin. -10C°max. +55C°
Ambient temperature operationmin. 0C°max. +55C°
Humidity storage, transport-90%
Humidity operation-80%
Technical Data
Dimensions without connections113 x 159 x 105mm (W x H x D)
Flow rateup to 8.0l/min
Disinfection performanceup to 99.999%
Water connections9/10mm and 12/13mm hose nozzle
Water pressuremax. 8.3bar
Service life5.000h water withdrawal
Ambient temperaturemax. 55°C
Recommended water temperature0-38°C
Power supply11-18VDC
Max. power consumption0.02A (Standby)/1.2A (operating mode)
Power max.14W
Signal input
UV-C unit
Flow sensor5-24VDCmin. 1mA1-200Hz
Technical data sheet (PDF)