Our philosophy

At WM aquatec, we would like to offer you “tailored” solutions. By “tailored”, we mean technical solutions, which make it possible for you to obtain water in the required quality for your specific use. We aim to provide these solutions to suit any budget – from the ardent camper, outdoor enthusiasts, proud boat owners and successful entrepreneurs. In order to guarantee this, we keep our eyes and ears open – at trade fairs, when speaking to our customers on the telephone and when visiting them on-site. We are always grateful for and open to your suggestions and constructive criticism – both in view of our products and in order to continually improve our company. In line with your requirements, the demand on the market or our intuition for innovative and practical products, we will then develop and present you with our solutions.

Quality and the environment

We also have active contact with our suppliers in order to provide you with the highest possible quality. By quality, we don’t just mean the technical and practical functionality of products, but also the production conditions for anyone involved in the production process and the impacts on the environment. To be able to guarantee a high standard here, more than 90% of our suppliers are from Germany or other European member states.

Social & loyal

Social responsibility is not just one of our major aims; it is also one of our major activities. We value and encourage respectful interaction among all employees and a loyal relationship. With company outings and a free fitness room, we encourage social competence and interaction among our staff as well as motivating them to maintain their physical fitness and health.

Present and future

Last but not least, as a training company, we also consider it our responsibility to provide young people with professional training and a workplace in the long-term, true to the motto:

„Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.“
– Henry Ford